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Sound System Design

What do we do for you?

For any sound system to perform at its best, it needs the best possible acoustic. We often see clients who have spent large sums of money on high-performance sound systems which are installed in rooms with unsuitable acoustics. This creates a sub-standard aural experience with the client having spent money on fidelity that they cannot hear.

At Acoustic Associates, we believe that to get the best out of your sound system you need a balance. This means creating an aural environment where the sound system can be heard at its best.

Prudent clients appreciate the importance of spending a part of the total budget on acoustic design of the listening space. Optimising the acoustic response of the space allows the system to deliver all of its potential. The results will speak for themselves.

Acoustic Associates carry out sound system design work for a wide variety of projects including theatres, schools, churches, and concert halls. If you would like to speak with one of our consultants about how you can maximise the potential of your budget, please get in touch.

Case Studies

Kingscote Estate
Kingscote Estate Vineyard – New Function Venue

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