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Local Authorities

What do we do for you?

With the introduction of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the Noise Policy Statement for England (NPSE) clients are faced with rapidly changing local authority requirements.

National standards relating to the planning system have been removed and now each local authority is responsible for its own guidance.

Acoustic South East are at the forefront of assessing and adapting to the changes in the planning systems and as a result are able to provide clients with a cost effective service, whether pre-planning with environmental surveys, post planning sound insulation testing & advice, industrial, commercial or hospitality related noise.

Guidance is available on all aspects of noise in relation to local authority requirements:

  • Environmental noise surveys for housing developments (NPPF/NPSE & BS8233)
  • Industrial noise and its effect on residential areas (BS4142)
  • Commercial premises, extract systems
  • Noise from entertainment venues, pubs, & clubs
  • Noise at work regulations and surveys
  • Schools development & refurbishment
  • Community noise

We have significant experience of navigating planning laws, working with local authorities, developers & builders in addition to provision of Expert Witness testimony.

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