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How Scientists Turned A Flag Into A Speaker

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August 16, 2017

TV’s are getting thinner and thinner. LG, in May of 2015 released footage displaying a 1mm flexible display. If you are like me then I imagine when you saw the video on the left of this paragraph, you too gasped and dreamed of having this on your own wall at home. But it isn’t just TV’s that are getting this kind of development. Speakers are changing shape too!

In the article you can link to below, you will read about speaker technology that is being re-born and re-morphed into other applications, applications that you would never have previously expected were possible.

Scientists from Michigan State University have created a speaker so thin, that they were able to apply the technology they created in a flag, and it is all due to Nanotechnology, which is ever increasing in popularity for the simple reason, it is a massive space saver and that is a game changer.

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