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Building Acoustics & Construction

What do we do for you?

Your project could be a new-build, a refurbishment or a conversion of an existing property.  Whether it is large or small, we can help you to achieve the acoustic conditions required.

From design-stage to completion, we can provide assistance:

  • Calculating and specifying for internal finishes to control reverberation
  • Design to achieve excellent internal acoustics in auditoria, school classrooms and lecture theatres
  • Ensuring speech privacy in sensitive environments requiring confidentiality
  • Providing specifications for separating walls or floors for sound insulation

If you have an area where we can help, please feel free to call us.  One of our experienced and well-qualified consultants will be happy to speak with you about your requirements for acoustics and sound insulation in your building project.

A note about Sound Insulation

Approved Document E of The Building Regulations (2003 Edition) is the document setting out the requirements for sound insulation in residential buildings. It contains a requirement that organisations carrying out sound insulation testing should be third-party accredited with either the ANC Scheme or with UKAS.

We are registered under The Association of Noise Consultants scheme as a testing organisation.

Since 1st July 2003, such testing has become a mandatory requirement in newly-built house and flats and for conversion dwellings.

If you are unsure whether the Regulations apply to your development or if your site needs sound insulation testing then give us a call and we can advise you.

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