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Acoustics for the Built Environment

What can we do for YOU?

We can provide solutions to your requirements for:

Acoustic assessment in support of planning applications.

New-build or conversion projects may be subject to noise from various sources: roads, railways, aircraft, nearby plant and equipment for example. Alternatively, they may be likely to create noise that may have an impact upon the environment: noise from school playgrounds, multi-use games areas, now M&E installations, new road layouts etc.

We have the extensive experience needed to be able to help you resolve any problems and in support of your planning application. If we are appointed early, we can also provide advice and guidance on design layouts to optimise the use of the building or the site in terms of acoustics.

Internal Acoustics

Whether for auditoria or performance spaces within entertainment venues or lecture theatres and classrooms within educational buildings, we can help. These may need computer modelling in order to optimise their acoustic performance.

Classrooms may need to be designed to provide high levels of speech intelligibility, especially for hearing-impaired students. School acoustics will need to be designed to meet national requirements

Gyms and Fitness Spaces

Often sited in close proximity to other uses, sometimes in the same building as residences or offices, these can be challenging. We have advised on numerous examples of these.

Plant and Equipment- Piling Operations

This has become a specialist area of expertise for us. We have worked with Piling Specialists to predict and monitor both noise and vibration and advise on mitigation measures.

We have also advised on many thousands of projects involving the assessment of new or existing plant and equipment, from processing sites to the local takeaway. These are frequently in areas where there is residential property nearby, or even in the same building.

Where such assessments are required, we can help.

Designing For Sound Insulation And Pre-completion Testing

We have worked with clients large and small on projects that require good or enhanced levels of sound insulation.

The can be façade insulation to either reduce the intrusion of traffic or environmental noise or the breakout of internally generated noise. Alternatively, it can be sound insulation between dwellings for party walls and separating floors.

If we are commissioned at the design stage, we can frequently save clients a great deal of delay and headaches associated with unnecessary and costly remedial treatments.

Pre-Completion Testing

Sound insulation testing is mandatory under the Building Regulations Approved Document E for all newly-built adjoined dwellings or conversion properties unless they are registered (new build) for Robust Details.

We have over 25 years’ experience as a company and over 60 years combined experience for our testing staff of conducting such testing.

Unlike many companies who do such work, however, we are not just a ‘Testing Company’ – we have the knowledge and experience to be able to assist you with any problems that might occur. This is evidenced not only by our time-in-practice but also by our appointment as a Chartered Building Consultancy by the Chartered Institute of Building. Three of our team are also appointed Robust Details Inspectors or Senior Inspectors.

(PS. We also do Air Tightness Consultancy and Testing – see our Air Tightness page)

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